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How to survive as a freshman?

19 Oct 2016How to

Look, you have made it. Now you are the toast of your family. You have passed your high school exams and now college beckons.

Yes, even as your eyes are fogged by the exhilarating feelings of now; being patted on the shoulder by friends-and-enemies alike, family and your immediate high school mates, college beckons. Making that transition from high school to college is not a walk in the park. If you enroll in a college with a blind eye, sooner or later they’ll be open to the hard, cold fact that you are on your own now. Therefore, you need to survive on your own-no parents to tell you to nudge you on what to dot, and tutors so busy with their professional and personal lives to pay a particular attention to you. Grab these “best ways for freshman to survive,” and see you through the most difficult part of college life.


College is a great period to the network. This is not only an ideal idea for life after college (real life sucks, you know), but is valuable were you to miss a class because of illness! When you’re unable to be in class, you are going to have a friend you may ring to find out what you missed( and have your set of notes from that day’s lecture to copy, right?).

Get Involved

You’re looking forward to your college life, and perhaps thinking things are going to be all roses. What with the freedom and stuff. Well, this is a time you can try new things. Get yourself involved in productive activities and clubs. Don’t be afraid chatting with that fellow sitting next to you in your class. You should make your freshman year all that you dreamed of. When you get involved with as many people as possible, chances are that you’ll find that friend who’s going to make your college years, and life after, very exciting.

Know Your Professors

These people are not just there just to lecture, pass you assignments, assign research papers, and wait for their paycheck. It might be scary at first, but personally introduce yourself after class( as ice-breaker asks about the coursework, for example). Knowing your professor may be quite significant when you later run into a scheduling conflict. You may want to change your career(many freshmen do that) and a mentor here is going to be invaluable.

Study Time

You’re there to study in the first place! It might sound ridiculous, if not silly or funny but schedule yourself some time to study! It’s very easy to procrastinate, but later never happens. This is not high school. You’ll have lots of studying and reading to do day and night. Get on with it early enough those last minute cramming will not help you here!

Eat Well

The college cafeteria provides a tonne of ,meals to choose. Certainly, you may take a burger and fries every day. But don’t. A healthy diet is going to keep you healthy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Whether it’s the direction to a lecture room, library, administration block- the pace in college is quite fast, and so many places you may not know. But don’t be ashamed to stop someone and ask for direction. Also, there is a great opportunity to find a homework help online.

So there you are. Enjoy your Freshman years!


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