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How to get destinations for worldschoolers?

15 Feb 2016How to

Worldschooling is all about travelling the globe to experience new and different cultures, geography, and history. While reading books and learning in a classroom can be effective, taking the classroom beyond the four walls can be much more entertaining and freeing for the students. When committing to a world schooling way of life, you and your family are dedicated to going out to explore all the world has to offer. A number of trips you can plan are endless. Here are 3 of the most intriguing destinations for world schoolers.

#1 The World’s Largest Castle (by surface area)in Malbork, Poland

What better place for a student to learn about history, culture, and architecture then the biggest castle in all of the world? Worldschoolers can find this building located in Malbork, Poland. This fortress was built by the Teutonic Knights, a Catholic order, with completion taking place in 1406. It was established as a World Heritage Site in December of 1997.

The amount of history that occurred inside this castle is monumental. From when it was originally built, there has been a constant flow of events that have taken place at this location. Students visiting the historic monument can learn about how it was used for a place for barges and trading ships to land, a home for various royalty, and even a place Hitler utilised when he commanded the Nazis, among a plethora of other things.

During WWII over half of the castle was destroyed in battle. Following the war, the castle was back in Poland’s possession and the rebuilding began. The main cathedral of the castle was reconstructed right before the war and then destroyed. It still sits in ruins today for visitors to see. Following the fire of 1959, construction has been ongoing. Even though there has been an abundance of events that have caused damages to various parts of the structure over the years, it is still the largest brick building located in all of Europe. This makes it an ideal place for world schoolers to visit.

Along with learning more about history, and architecture at the Malbork, Poland castle, world schoolers will have the opportunity to discover more about the Polish culture and Catholic religion.

#2 The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy

Another great learning experience is the one found at The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy. Here, world schoolers will have access to the largest museum of its kind in all of Italy. It is also considered to be one of the most important throughout Europe and the world.

The largest collection of machines based off Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings are located inside the museum. Students can browse through the many models and learn more about the period associated with Da Vinci.

In addition, there are space, architecture, and medical science exhibits located throughout the venue. Some of these offer strictly an exhibition area, while others offer interactive hands-on labs where guests can do projects associated with the subject area they are interested in.

#3 The La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge

This is an exceptional place to visit when learning about science and nature. The location is considered to be the number 1 most popular privately owned eco-attraction in Costa Rica. Students spending time here can explore hiking trails, view grand waterfalls, and go hands-on with rescued wildlife at the on-site sanctuary. There are over 100 different animal species with an accompanying environmental education program that offers a unique involvement in learning. You can walk into an exhibit full of butterflies that land on you, hold toucans on your arm and even feed hummingbirds

This exhibit is one that is opened all year long, making it accessible for a world schooling field trip whenever the opportunity presents itself. There is the option to do self-guided tours so that you can visit the areas of the exhibit that you find the most interesting. However, for a complete lesson in the area, a guided tour is recommended.

When world schooling is the way you and your family lives, you are always looking for new experiences and different places to travel to in order to expand your learning. These are just a few of the most intriguing places that there are to visit in the world, when you are looking for a brand new adventure, as the student, teacher or maybe both!


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