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FOIL Calculator

23 Sep 2015Homework Help Online

What is Foil Calculator?

Foil stands for:

F = First
O = Outer
I = Inner
L = Last

It is the method used to perform multiplication. It finds the product of the two terms. It gives the result instantly by using the Foil Calculator.

This explains the foil method:


Steps to use the Foil method by Foil Calculator:

  1. Firstly, multiply the first terms of both the brackets.
  2. Then multiply the first term with the last term of the first and the second bracket respectively.
  3. Next step is to multiply the second term of the first bracket with the first term of the second bracket.
  4. At last, multiply the last terms of both the brackets.
  5. Now, add all the answers and we attain the final result.

Apply Foil rule to multiply the terms in a specific order that is First, Outside, Inside, Last. Foil method is used to multiply two binomial equations and not for polynomials. For example:

Multiply the two binomials using FOIL method,

(3x-4) and (2x+1)

  1. Multiply the first terms: (3x) x (2x) = 6 x2
  2. Multiply the outside terms: (3x) x (1) = 3x
  3. Multiply the inside terms: (-4) x (2x) = -8x
  4. Multiply the last terms: (-4) x (1) = -4

Binomial equation = (6x2 + 3x - 8x – 4) = 6x2 _ 5x - 4


  1. (2x + 3)(3x + 4)

Step 1:  2x × 3x = 6X2
Step 2: 2x × 4 = 8x
Step 3:  3 × 3x = 9x
Step 4:  3 × 4 = 12
Step 5:  6x2 + 8x + 9x + 12.
Answer:  6x2 + 17x + 12

  1. A university student designed a rectangular picture frame. The picture measures 17 cm by 11 cm. The total area of the picture frame is 315 cm2. Find the width of the frame.

Step 1:  Let x be the width of the frame.
Length and Width of the picture frame are 17 + 2x and 11 + 2x respectively.
Step 2:  Since area of picture frame = 315 cm2
=> (17 + 2x)(11 + 2x) = 315  (Because area of rectangle = Length * Width)
Step 3:  17(11 + 2x) + 2x(11 + 2x) = 315 (Foil method)
187 + 34x + 22x + 4x2 = 315
4x2 + 56x + 187 = 315
4x2 + 56x - 128 = 0
4(x + 16)(x - 2) = 0  (Factorized)
x + 16 = 0 and x - 2 = 0
x = -16 and x = 2
Step 4:  Length can't be negative. So our value is x = 2.
Step 5:  Width of the frame is 2 cm.
Answer:  2 cm.

Uses of Foil Calculator:

  • It is the method to calculate the binomial product of any expression
  • It gives instant results
  • It’s an easy tool
  • In addition, it is not time consuming
  • The method is not difficult to learn
  • Just remember the Foil rule: first, outside, inside, last

The Foil method is an easy method to perform the multiplications just by following the steps irrespective of the numbers, whether it’s a fraction or a negative sign.

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