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Does Gatsby love Daisy or he merely desire her?

01 Nov 2016We help students

1. CHOOSING A NOTION. When starting Decide is Gatsby loves Daisy or he merely desires Daisy’, students would need to pick one notion. Either they believe that Gatsby loved Daisy or Gatsby desired Daisy.

For example, Gatsby's love for Daisy was genuine. There are no two ways about it. There are plenty of evidence throughout the book suggesting that Gatsby was madly in love with Daisy. One can argue that his way of expressing love was different to any normal human being but again, Gatsby he was a highly ambitious young man. With ambitious people, hardly anything is normal, they like to think out of the box and subsequently do things differently. If you need more help, please, read our article about Great Gatsby essay outline.

2. INTRODUCTION. Based on the notion that is being picked, students would need to provide an introduction of the characters in light of their notion.

For example, Gatsby went far to win over Daisy and if he only desired' her, we would not be willing to go this far. He earned a fortune only to be able to do things that would get him closer to Daisy. Doing all that requires effort and a considerable amount of effort which a person would only put in when he truly loves someone or something. Desire dies down with time when the response from the other side is subdued but only love lives on regardless of any situation that may arise.

3. EVIDENCES. Based on the notion, students would need to provide evidence from the book along with page numbers. Besides the evidence, students should also provide their input to cement their case.

For example: On page number 63 of the book, Nick confirms to Jordon during their conversation that Gatsby has only bought the mansion to come closer to Daisy and he wants Jordon to set up their meeting. On page 64 of the book, Gatsby's love for Daisy becomes clear was when the author writes that he used to read the Chicago paper for years only to get a glimpse of Daisy's name. This is being done only to see the name of the person he loves. Not her image, just her name. On page 63, the author writes that Gatsby regularly throws parties so that one day Daisy would attend one of them. Waiting can wear down any person and Gatsby was also a human being. The wearing down of a person can diminish all or any desire that a person has for someone else. But the fact that he persistently did it for just one person, Daisy, clearly demonstrates his true love for her. On page 74, it is revealed that Gatsby kept an entire book where he collected every clipping of himself and Daisy that appeared in the newspapers.

4. CONCLUSION. It is very important for the students to write an emphatic conclusion to make their view clear to the reader.

Persistence is vital in love and Gatsby had it in abundance. He tries to meet Daisy on several occasions through Nick until he actually gets her love. Though, Daisy was a married woman and Gatsby knew it all too well but this did not deter him away from her. Whether he should be chasing a married woman and try to seduce her is another argument for another day but his consistency and eventual victory was few of the many proofs that he honestly loved her through and through. If you want to see a mini guide how to write an article on "Is Fitzgerald Writing a Love Story or a Satire?", please read our essay outline.


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