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How to get helpful apps for students?

15 Feb 2016How to

In is no secret that technological devices and gadgets have taken over the lives of students of all walks of life. A number of mobile applications out there are limitless. Every program serves a different purpose from entertainment to banking, and from socialising to studying. There are plenty of downloads that are available to assist with the learning on both the Apple and Android stores, but which are best for assisting student study? Check these out… Or read  QAs survival guide first.


Perfect for a student that needs help in getting organised is the app. This is used by millions of people to keep track of their lives. Some of the benefits of this program include cloud syncing, speech recognition, alarms, reminders, the ability to share your lists, note writing, simple gesture support, and more. When being organised is one of the most essential, but toughest tasks, this is an application that is sure to get you back on track.


The Dropbox application is free and useful for students looking to edit Microsoft Office files from a phone or tablet. You can also backup all your photos and videos with this program and send files of any size without having to use email attachments. The files can also be sent to others who do not have a Dropbox account.


College and high school students looking to broaden their horizons with reading can do so for just $8.99 with the Scribd app. There are publications available from Pulitzer Prize winners to New York Times bestsellers. Some of the features include millions of books and comics, audiobooks, sheet music, personalised recommendations, titles that can be stored offline, and an automatic renewal of the monthly membership unless you cancel.


The Cliffnotes application gives students the ability to learn quicker, study more effectively, and get higher grades with downloads available from the Apple store. Here, there are study guides obtainable containing characters, themes, plot summaries, quizzes, and more.


When creating a bibliography, the EasyBib application is a must for students. This program has been creating accurate citations for over ten years. The bibliography required can easily be created with this app in just a few seconds. All you have to do is log into your account from a mobile device, scan the barcode with the phone camera, or use the search tool to find books and websites. Then, simply export the findings to your email. The information found within Easybib is all checked by teachers and librarians so you can be confident they are accurate.

Self Control

It is not hard to become distracted on your phone or tablet when you are supposed to be studying. Instead of going through your notes and documents, you soon find yourself exploring Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When a student struggles with self-control when it comes to buckling down and getting their work done, the Self Control application is a must. This program allows you to shut down your phone from using certain applications during a time that you pre-set as a study period. Your screen will switch to a display for study time, you will be able to explore graphs and tables every week of your records, and you can choose to allow whatever apps you want to be executable.

Microsoft Office Mobile

As a student, you know how essential Microsoft Office is when you are trying to complete your assignments. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents are what take up most of the storage space on your personal computer. Now, with the Microsoft Office Mobile application, you can easily take your work with you. You can create, access, edit, and share documents without the need to have your computer handy. This is a free application as well.

My Study Life

Students can get organised and be more time efficient with the free My Study Life app. This makes the paper planner obsolete and allows you to keep track of all of your to-dos across every device and platform that you use. Classes, assignments, exams, and other information can all be kept in order, clean, and easy to follow.

As you walk around with your smartphone, tablet, or another electronic device, checking email and social media, remember the apps mentioned above can also turn that device into a tool to help you exceed in your studies. These apps can each help in their own way, and will leave your friends wondering what your secret is! Also, you can read our list of useful apps for students.


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