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Motivation Monday, Parents Homework Help Tool

09 Sep 2015We help students

Homework motivation Monday

A nice advise on how to approach homeworks that you don't understand.

Parents Homework Help Tools 

Here's a piece for those who help their children with homework. Many of us were turned way from certain subjects like chemistry and math by feeling helpless and possibly even stupid. Arguably, if there were more resources and educational materials (parent help is being one of them) it would save my family a lot of stressful evenings. If you are   a parent that finds yourself frequently stumped by your children’s homework, there's a help for you! is a resource for both students and their parents to access information, speak directly with veteran teachers, and finally, find the tools to help you / your kinds succeed.

Google makes homework easier

The good news come from Google. You can now compose Google docs with your voice. Yes, this dream feature is now a reality. It works on both mobile and desktop allows you to compose documents by simply speaking out loud into your device microphone (over 40 languages supported). Great, how it can be used as the Home Work Help. In many ways actually. Google apps are great tools for students and teachers.

Google has found 32 ways to use Google apps in the Classroom. Some of them are:

  1. Collaborative lessons planning
  2. Improve the writing process
  3. Track students homework and share with parents

More specifically, Google Forms is an excellent tool for home works enabling student to do a way more. Here's a nice review of Google Forms made for average moms and paps. Likeswise, Google forms are used to:

  1. Do students surveys
  2. Conduct science experiments using Google Forms
  3. Complete a reading record
  4. Do teacher or student observations, etc.



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