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14 Mar 2016Guides


The life of a student is never easy! From routine tests to the all-important finals or even the endless amounts of essays that need to be written, you are under constant pressure to give your best and produce results to ultimately guide you to a better future. If you require help in this regard, an online tutor may be the answer. Tutors are experts in their chosen field and can assist you in a number of ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Struggling writing academic essays

Academic essays can often be a stumbling block for many students. Tutors can provide valuable information and useful tips to help you improve your essay writing by taking you through a step by step guide to the process. Essay analysis and writing tips include:

  • How to break down the question effectively
  • How to determine a point of argument
  • How to research efficiently
  • How to write short, easy to read sentences.
  • Keeping the important or intricate information at the end of the sentence.
  • Identifying key points.
  • Effective editing.

Upcoming SAT/ACT test

SAT/ACT tests are stressful for all students! They take discipline as well as thorough planning and preparation. Putting in the study time will ensure results. Sometimes, however, you may just need a little bit of help, a push in the right direction perhaps. Online tutors are an excellent way to brush up on your knowledge in areas in which you struggle or even just to confirm that you are ready for the SAT/ACT test. They can also provide excellent tips to help you along the way.

Need 1 on 1 tutoring

1 on 1 tutoring is the best way to ensure that you as a student get all the answers to those questions with which you often struggle. In a class situation this can be difficult, but with your online tutor, you can present them with specific problems you have in a subject, and they can focus on improving that area for you. This approach really can take your grades to the next level.

Need editing or proofreading

Often, one of the most overlooked areas when producing an essay or written piece is proper proofreading and editing. This is an art in itself; luckily it is something that can be learned. If your final proofing and editing is letting you down, consider using someone online to help. Not only can they improve the piece grammatically, but they will also spell check it, check punctuation and ensure that the answers/arguments answer the question. Finally, they will ensure that the document is formatted correctly, something that is often overlooked.

Stuck on math problems

When it comes to math, students often have an area where they excel and others where they struggle. Online tutors offer a great platform to focus on those specific areas that need improvement. As mentioned earlier, a 1 on 1 platform is the best way to increase grades in this manner.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you have studied, you may suddenly find something that you are struggling with or need reassurance about. For example, you think all bases are covered for an upcoming math exam when you stumble across a problem at 11 pm the night before a test that you cannot solve. Online tutors are the perfect way to overcome these emergencies, available 24/7, helping to give peace of mind and ensure that you remain calm before your big test.

When you aren’t getting the grades you want

Still not getting the grades you want, even though you are putting in the hard yards? Teacher too busy to give you the help you require? 1 on 1 sessions with an online teacher can not only boost your grades but give you back your confidence, leaving you fully prepared and putting you at ease when those important tests come along.

When you are on a budget

As you only pay for a lesson at a time, online tutoring can help you focus on problem areas while keeping costs low. Why? Well, with online tutoring you can make sure you focus specifically on problem areas alone. You will often only need a couple of lessons to get you up to speed in your problem subjects.

When your schedule is busy and you need on demand tutoring

Thanks to our hectic modern lives and extra-mural activities, students today have very little extra time available to themselves. Online tutoring provides an on-demand service, available for you to access whenever it fits into your schedule. Tutors are available at all times, so when you have a spare moment to quickly sort out that math problem you are struggling with, pop online and get the help you need.

Upcoming midterms, finals

Online tutors are a perfect way to ensure you are prepared for all your important midterms or even your finals. You need not use them all year round but only during the times when you know you need to obtain the best marks you can!

So now that you know a little more about how an online tutor can help you, no matter where you might be struggling, be sure to take up the opportunity to make use of one. Your grades will thank you!


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