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Improve your writing using Grammarly

30 Nov 2016We help students

To any writer passionate about his/her job,improving your writing means a lot. Its like improving your life. There are a lot of online tools which can assist you to get organized and make the most out of your writing. Whether you write for blogs or web contents, Grammarly is an essential online writing utility tool to correct any critical issues you have with your writing.It is suitable for professional writers, bloggers, students, or even technical writers since it has a very specific mode for each writer category. Writing is a fairly hard task, the stakes of requesters and online readers are also relatively high. So every writer needs a little bit of help.

Grammarly basically searches your grammar and corrects spelling mistakes that you may have. A word processor may leave out critical mistakes that could totally go undetected. Grammarly can locate numerous error types that you may be unaware of especially due to little time you may have for proofreading your work. It is a free online editing tool and you simply need to copy your article and paste it into the text area and you are good to go.

Use it to Correct grammar mistakes.

Regardless of the subject matter of your writing. This online editing tool gives you a guarantee for a mistake-free writing.Grammarly can correct up to 250 grammar errors,eliminating very poor vocabulary and spelling mistakes.

Plagiarism Checker.

This is an important way for both requesters and writers to know if their content is unique. If your article doesn't escape Copyscape Google and other search engines will catch you right away. They will flag your work as plagiarised. No writer worth his/her salt would want to go through such a nightmare. Ensure your article is unique by using this feature by Grammarly.

Vocabulary Improvement.

Sometimes as a writer you may overindulge in use of words. Grammarly will check the whole article and point out words that are repetitively used and give you alternative suggestions. It will be able to identify any misuse of the passive voice or very wordy sentences.

Sentence Structures.

Poor scripts have very bad sentence structures. There will be no flow at all if your sentences are wrongly structured. Well, check out if you pass the test by using this feature.

A very advanced Proofreading.

It does not just check simple spelling errors like most online editing tools. It offers a spelling grammar check based entirely on the context of your writing. Furthermore, it doesn't just point out that you made a mistake but explains why so that you can read it through and learn the grammar rules.

You can begin with the free version then upgrade to premium since you will definitely find it useful. The free online version offers basic grammar mistakes such as punctuation,spelling structure and contextual errors. The premium version is also worth the cost. Grammarly is yet to release a downloadable offline version so if you are connected to the internet you may not be able to use this software


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