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How to Figure Out Percentages

08 Sep 2015Homework Help Online

To know how to figure out percentages, we must first learn about the definition of percentages. This math help will definitely improve your understanding and get you ready to solve your own math problems. You probably have known that percentage uses % symbol, such as 35%, 70%, and 99.9%. Percentage is a way to compare a partial amount of something to its whole amount. In short, you might read % as “out of 100”.


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50% (fifty percent) or 50 out of 100. There are 50 green boxes “out of 100” boxes.

25% (twenty five percent) or 25 out of 100. There are 25 green boxes “out of 100” boxes.

How do we calculate percentages? 

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In mathematics, percentage means partial divided by whole.


There are 10 apples in the basket, but 3 of them are rotten. What’s the percentage of fresh apples are in the basket?


The partial amount → fresh apples: 10 – 3 = 7 apples.

The whole amount total apples in the basket: 10 apples.

% = 7/10 = 0.7

So, 0.7% of the total apples are fresh.

How to calculate other variations of percentage problems?

Often, there are other variations of problems which require you to use these formulas:


Credit: wikiHow


  1. 5% of 100 students is …
    100 is the whole amount. We are asked to find the partial amount
    5/100 x 100 = 5 students
    or you can change 5% into decimal first. 5% = 0.05
    0.05 % 100 = 5 students
  2. If 35% of the total students in the class are 70, how many students are in the class?
    70 is the partial amount. We are asked to find the whole amount.
    70/35% = 70/35 x 100 = 200 students
    or you can change 35% into decimal first. 35% = 0.35
    70/0.35 = 200 students

In real life, we’ll often see the application of percentages starting from your allowance increase, interest rate, and discount! To calculate a discount, you have to know first how to figure out percentages.

Credit: wikiHow

If the shirt price is $50, then how much should you pay for the shirt? The discount is 30% x $50 = 30/100 x $50 = 3/10 x $50 = $15. Therefore, you need to pay $35. Or you can just calculate 70% x $50 = $15. It’s as simple as that when you have mastered how to figure out percentages!

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