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Informative essay outline guide

19 Oct 2016Guides

Tired of writing monotonous and boring essays? Here is a solution to the problem! The pen is mightier than the sword, they say and rightly so! Writing has evolved through many phases over the years and yet there is always so much to learn. There have been many writers over the past years but few have made their way into the hearts and minds of the audiences. All these writers started small, by writing paragraphs, essays then eventually made it big with their plays, ballads, and novels. In this topic, we cover some unique ways on how to make an expository essay.

The expository or informative essay is one the very first essays a student learns to write in their junior years. This kind of an essay tells the readers something, explains something or it narrates directions. The main concept of writing this type of an essay is to deliver the readers dependable information on any topic.

An informative essay primarily has five sub-parts:

  • The Introduction
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion

The Introduction The starting of any informative essay must be appealing. The reader must be intrigued reading the first two lines of the essay. Capturing the attention of the readers is an essential part of any introductory essay.

The introduction should not be long, it should be precise and it should have enough knowledge to will the bookworms to continue reading. Like literature students would like to put it, the intro should be long enough to cover the essentials yet short enough to arouse the interest to edit and proofread. If it is too short, the reader might lose interest in venturing further into the essay and if it is too long, it might preempt a lot and make the reader not want to delve into further details.

The Body

This is where things start to get interesting. Now the main part of your essay starts. The body is the longest part of any essay. Here we discuss all the material in an informative manner. Instead of just filling out facts, it should be well written, have some interesting materials written in a manner so that the reader stays till the very end of the essay. The body has its own divisions, though sometimes overlooked; these parts help shape up the story in an appealing way. Here share some anecdotes to help the readers see the point you want to make.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the most important part of an essay and there are three basic types. We have the climax kind of conclusion where the story or essay often ends in high drama, the anticlimax kind of conclusion where the essay ends on a rather low note as compared to how the entire story developed. Lastly, you may choose to go for the balanced ending where the reader is left with little anxiety or anticipation after reading.

Whatever conclusion you go for, just ensure you do not leave the reader guessing unless the concept being advanced by the essay was precisely meant to achieve that. Make sure you have a conclusive ending so the reader can draw all the lessons that the essay appears to advance.


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