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How to earn money in college?

05 Jan 2017How to

Are you a student and plan to start earning cash? Well, there are several efficient ways on how to earn money in college. As a student, you can work online or offline on part-time so as to get spare time for studies. Below are top 10 ways on how to earn money in college:

Sell photos

If you are passionate about photography, creative and can produce a great shot, then try selling your pictures to stock websites. Fotolia and istockphoto are some useful websites where you can start selling. Conduct research and identify the type of photos on high demand so as to make more cash.

Look for a part-time job

Part-time jobs provide students with a steady flow of income and enable them to get valuable work experience. Browse local classified, student job websites, short-term gigs on craigslist and your college career opportunities section. Register with Graduate Recruitment Bureau which matches students with part-time jobs for free.

Online surveys

Several companies regularly recruit new members to fill out online surveys and test new products. Students can answer online survey questions during their free time and still make it to class on time. Filling out forms for a few minutes can earn you a couple of bucks as either cash or reward points that you can redeem. You can try a few good ones like; MySurvey, The Opinion Panel, Global Test Market, IPSOS, YouGov, PanelBase, Opinion Outpost, Valued Opinions, Mind Mover, OnePoll, New Vista, SurveyBods, ipoll. Additionally, you can register on Swagbucks which give rewards for surfing the web, watching videos, playing games as well as surveys.

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Sell your skills

You can sign up on online websites and start tutoring high school or GCSE students. As a college student, you have the qualifications to tutor GCSE students. Trying out something new doesn’t hurt, and it might turn out to be a great idea on how to earn money in college. Register with online tutors or advertise on SchoolsTrader and start earning around $10 per hour.

Paid for searching the web

Getting paid for what you already do online sounds like a good venture? It is among the easiest ways of earning cash online. As a student, you have to conduct a lot of online research when completing assignments and term papers. rewards you for searching information on the web. You need to install a simple add-on to your browser and start earning once you search for anything. You get a few sponsored results when you conduct an online search, but it’s worth the rewards.

Review websites and apps

If you are pretty good with website reviews, it’s time to turn your skills into fun and paid job. is a platform that allows you to registers and reviews all types of websites. The reviews are usually short and take up around 10 minutes of your time. Sign up for free, complete a short review and start earning.

Delivery Rider

Do you own a bicycle, motorbike, and a smartphone? That’s all you need to start making extra cash as a delivery driver during your spare time. Register with delivery companies such as Deliveroo as they are always searching for new riders. The job is flexible, and you get to deliver foods from restaurants during your free time. You can easily make $16 per hour. Contact local fast food chains like Dominos and KFC and check whether they have any delivery jobs.

Write and publish a Kindle eBook

It’s no doubt that students are good at researching and writing. The Amazon Kindle store enables anyone to publish an eBook and earn cash. What’s more.... the Kindle app is now available on various devices such as Laptops, smartphones, and iPads. That means your global market is big! Sell your eBook at $2-$7 and earn 70% of the total sales. It sounds like an incredible idea on how to earn money in college considering Amazon is the ultimate selling machine. The secret to success with eBooks is to provide value and presenting information in an easy to understand format. Ensure that you design an eye-catching cover. Encourage readers to leave honest reviews so as your eBook shows up high in search results.


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Affiliate marketing

If you are wondering how to earn money in college and you have a great social presence, the affiliate marketing is the answer you need. Having many followers on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can earn cash through the promotion of different kinds of brand, services, and offers. Register on an affiliate network like Affiliate Window, assess their blog or browse the products listing to find an exciting product. You just need to copy the affiliate link and share it on social media accounts. You get a commission once a client uses your link to purchase products. You can take your affiliate marketing further by creating a website or a Facebook page, invite all your followers to join and post your affiliate link.

Complete gigs on Fiverr is among the biggest marketplaces for people looking to make money selling small services and skills. You can provide a broad range of services such as writing, translating, social media marketing, creating funny videos, playing pranks, voiceovers, and producing music. The minimum price for any service is $5, but you can charge for extra services to make more cash. $5 may seem like little, but there are people making a good living from Fiverr. Bonus tip! Review music Music review is probably one of the easiest ways on how to earn money in college. If you like listening music, earn from it by reviewing music or artists with Slicethepie. Creating an excellent reputation can take a while, but users of the site earn up to $40 per month. Why not earn cash doing something you enjoy!


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