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Importance of Trigonometry

19 Oct 2015Homework Help Online

Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics dealing with the study of triangles. The word literally means triangle to measure. The concept makes precocious high school students feel under the clouds when it comes to them. It's just a game to understand and play accordingly. This article better explains how it is important in every face of life.

The question that comes into the light every time the students start with trigonometry:

“Why trig?”

And the answers often sound illogical, let's find the reasons:  

Trigonometry, in the air

Trigonometry has left no field untouched. Major part of the mob is unaware what trigonometry does for us. Everyone today assume a car, furniture a piece of land all these things include trigonometry. Lack of its knowledge cuts your hand, even to give the roof to your building. Be its architecture, astronomy the oceans, in aircraft, biology, cartography, chemistry, civil engineering, oceanography, computer graphics, geophysics, economics, electrical engineering, electronics, land surveying, many physical sciences, mechanical engineering, machining, medical imaging.

Meteorology, music theory, number theory, optics, pharmacology, phonetics, psychology, seismology, statistics, and visual perception, education trigonometry are all around.

So, now the question comes, is trigonometry Important? And, the answer is unanimously “YES”.

Though, trigonometry exists every-where, but, it goes unnoticed sometimes for the whole life. The buildings, nature, the things around all give a glance of it if we notice, but who cares to give it such a deep thought. Such unnoticed life actually misses the delicious recipe served by the nature, but when paid attention it generates the interests and its knowledge leaves a great mark to precept the things logically.

Some Trigonometry Applications

  • The angle of elevation property is used in many sectors. Measuring the distance, height, surface areas all need the application of this property. The masons, architectures, teachers, doctors, scientists or the people involved in any profession use trigonometry abundantly.

Benefits of Trigonometry

A step towards development: Study of the subject promises advancement in various fields.

A person possessing a perfect knowledge of this can precept the things differently and can bring changes in the respective areas.

Perfection: Trigonometry promises perfection as it covers the vast areas to be covered and even a little knowledge of it helps to accomplish height in different projects.

An Increase in the employment rates: The wide spread of trigonometry promises to heighten the employment graph. Every field demands the trig expertise and eventually boost up the employment rates comparatively.

Unique vision: The learners of the concept develop an exceptional vision towards the things and set different levels of achievement in a unique manner.


Sine, cosine and tangent act as parents in this field. Until and unless one doesn't understand the concepts delivered it is hard to grasp the whole subject. Sine, cosine and tangent are the two ratios of the triangle.

How it works:

Sine, cosine and tangent come into light to work with trig property. These three are the most important tools to work with the system. These three tools coordinate with each other to reach the conclusions. Sine and cosine walk parallels in every face of life. Sine and cosine represent in 90 degree triangles everywhere.

Trigonometry, a game: can you imagine?

Young people are nowadays making a study of trigonometry just for the sake of fun. The youth takes it as a game completely. They don't hesitate to use sine and cosine in any phase and additional use of sin and cos bride the projects. The deep study of nature is the most fruitful source of mathematical discoveries.

To sum up, knowledge of trigonometry can be used to create the unique projects and give things a glitter to shine. Trigonometry manages to use everything to the utmost level and its benefits lack nowhere to convince peers to keep trigonometry at all levels. Trigonometry is keeping pace in all the eras so it is not a tool to be ignored.

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