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Online QAs Survival Guide

14 Mar 2016Guides


So you're thinking about using an online tutor? This form of tutoring has become very popular with the explosion of the internet as well as the advent of mobile computing and smartphones. One variation of this type of tutoring is crowdsourced wisdom through an online question and answer session.  Here, a student can go online, ask a question of an expert in a particular field and then receive an answer. Before you get started, here is everything you need to know about getting crowdsourced wisdom through online QA sessions.

Choosing the right QA platform

Of course, the tutors who provide the answers are of vital importance. When deciding on a site to use, make sure that their tutors are experienced experts in their fields and have the necessary skills to tutor – not every expert makes a good tutor. Also, check for the overall professionalism of the site. One of the easiest places to start to achieve this is to look at the testimonials posted by other users. Besides, you can also read what are useful apps for students.

Types of questions to ask

Another important aspect to check before signing up is whether the site offers tuition and experts in the subject you need tutoring in. Not all online tutoring sites provide assistance in every area. Once you have established that a site can provide you with assistance, take a look at the type of questions asked by others and the answers. You may find what you are looking for but if not, it will give you a great idea of how to structure questions effectively for maximum results.

Setting your budget

As a student your budget is limited, and you may think that an online tutor is out of reach. This is often not the case as there is a range of options to choose from when selecting a tutor. Most services allow you to post your tutoring requirements and then various tutors will bid to help you. This allows you to choose a bid within your budgetary constraints. You only pay the tutor if you make use of their service.

Choosing the best bids

Although a bidding system allows you to easily stay within a budget, it is imperative that you use it effectively. Many tutors may bid low in order to get the job but might not necessarily have the experience or even expertise of others that bid. This is where a little bit of research comes in. Once you have narrowed down a list of tutors to choose from, be sure to check their profiles, especially for their expertise in the field you require help with, as well as feedback from other users. Having said that, some tutors could be new to online tutoring and not have much feedback. Ultimately, the choice lies with you and you will learn as you go.

Talk to the tutor before paying

The next step is to establish contact with your tutor before making any payments. You can do this through the messaging system that many of these sites offer or even request a Skype interview. This will also allow you to gauge if a tutor is a right fit for you or not.

Make sure you understand the answers you receive

Once you have selected your tutor and they have helped you with your problem, question or project, before you close your question, be sure that you understand absolutely everything, you can test your knowledge on helpful apps for students. There is no point in paying a tutor to help you with a math problem for example and once the tutoring is over, you still do not understand how to solve the problem.

Take it to the classroom and test what you learn

Now that you are happy that you understand the problem you were struggling with and the tutor has provided you with valuable information in solving it, it is time to take your new found knowledge back to the classroom and apply what you have learned. Look for similar problems and see if you can solve them. This will help you to prepare thoroughly for upcoming tests or finals.

An online tutor used effectively is a great way to improve your grades. The responsibility is on you, however, to use them effectively and by following the ideas above, you can achieve this with ease.


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