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Vertical asymptotes

19 Oct 2015Homework Help Online

Let’s not consider asymptotes as a theoretical comparison of functions. Rather we will understand asymptote as a straight line holding the property that some "end" of the graph follows this straight line. Basically, there are three kinds of asymptotes. We will study one of them that is vertical asymptotes in this chapter.

Vertical asymptotes:  Vertical asymptotes are straight vertical lines of the equation, where a function f(x) approaches closer, but fail to reach the line, as f(x) increases infinitely. For these values of x, the function is liberated.

In any case, you can't get the graph to intersect those lines.

Determining Vertical Asymptotes

The very first thing you need to bring the denominators equal to zero of the vertical asymptotes. Vertical asymptotes occur where the denominator is zero. Remember, division by zero is not possible. So, such areas are neglected by the graphs.

Vertical Asymptote Rules

Certain rules on which vertical asymptotes works need to be learnt first:

  • The graph incline towards the affirmative or negative infinity as it gets closer to the vertical asymptote.
  • The distance between the asymptote and the graph tends to zero as the graph approaches the asymptote.
  • The graph and the asymptote will appear almost coming together at the tips, but the curve actually fails to touch the asymptote.
  • Vertical asymptote works wearing armor, which acts as a protective weapon to let anything touch it.
  • The graph can come near the vertical asymptote from the right as well as the left direction. In some cases the function comes close from one side only.

Functions with Vertical Asymptotes

The functions graphed are called rational function. Rational functions are the ordinary functions used in vertical asymptotes. Let’s study the actual definition of a rational function

Rational Function: can be defined in the form of rational expression, when two polynomials are framed as numerators and denominators those are called rational functions.

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