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What to do to get a student discount flights?

13 Dec 2016What to do

Done with finals? Looking to get away and de-stress, on a budget? Do not fear, because your hard work has finally paid off, hasn't it? Student discounts are a perfect way to help those attending college, who are balancing studies and finances. These discounts help make living costs more affordable without getting in the way of school work. You probably have heard about certain stores, exercise facilities, etc. offering these discounts - but did you know there are ways for students to fly for cheaper? Read this article to learn what to do to get a student discounted flight.

How do students prove they are qualified for discounts?

If you are currently attending a college or university and fit into the age range allowed by a specific travel agency, taking the step to prove it is usually simple. Some ask for a copy of your student ID, while others ask for your school email address- or maybe both. You may also be required to fill out a form to prove eligibility in some cases, though the unbelievable airfares you can achieve make the effort worth it.

Students ask: Where do I find airlines that provide discounts?

One of the most popular ways to find discounted airfare is through StudentUniverse. This website connects students to airlines offering cheaper flights. You simply enter where you want to go, when you want to go, and click search. The website will generate the most cost efficient flight for your trip. You can also look into group travel and tours through this site. Plus, it even has some options for non-students as well, in case you want to fly with someone who isn't in school. America Airlines has teamed up with StudentUniverse to give you the opportunity to find exclusive deals with their airline. ( 

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Another highly-ranked way to save money on flights is using STA Travel. Their motto is “experts in student travel” which sounds promising enough to give it a try, right? The website works similarly to StudentUniverse, though may have different search results for your trip. What sets this site apart from many others is the Student Hub section. It assists in planning if you are interested in an exclusive spring break trip, or studying/volunteering abroad. (

If you want to find flights at a discounted cost without proving you are a student, CheapOair is for you. This online agency has “youth discounts” for travellers ages 16-25. The website also has deals for students planning on studying or working abroad. You can earn rewards as you book flights using this site by making an account. (

The above examples are three of the best websites to help you find a good flight deal. However, there are many other student travel websites out there as well. To ensure you find the best price, search all of the provided websites, plus others if none of these leads you to what you are looking for.

What are some tips for students to finding the best deals?

It is important that you put in the necessary research before planning to travel. It helps to read articles like this one, that contain information and advice for students who desire travel. To further your chances of low rates, be flexible when it comes to choosing a time to travel. Many of the discounted travel agencies can find the ideal price if you set a time range rather than an exact date. It also can be beneficial to travel in groups, since a lot of agencies offer group discounts. Plus, travelling in a group can lower hotel fees as you can share rooms and split prices.

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Finally, make it happen. College is one of the best times to travel in your life. You can rejuvenate yourself after sometimes stressful periods of hard work. You can educate yourself on other parts of your country or the world by experiencing it for yourself. If you attend a college or university far away from home, use this information to plan your next visit. As exciting as travelling to new places is, it is still important to be able to see your loved ones back at home. Now that you know more about travelling on a budget, get started and plan your next get away in peace!


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