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How to tell if a girl likes you?

06 Dec 2016How to

Trying to find out how to tell if a girl likes you? This can be pretty difficult. Men have been trying to understand women for a long time, and we are still utterly confused. However, there are a few tricks you can do to tell how she really feels. If there's a girl you're interested in that you're unsure about, then this article is for you.

The hard truth is that you'll never by standing back and watching. Even though girls send plenty of signals all the time, most guys are completely oblivious. You've got to interact with her and judge her automatic, unconscious reactions to you. This will tell you whether or not she's interested.

Frequently asked questions people ask when trying to know if a girl likes them:

• Is touching her a good move in knowing if she likes you?

Yes, touching her someplace safe, like the shoulder, or the wrist, during a conversation is the first step to knowing if she likes you. How she responds will let you know. If she pulls back, eject immediately. If she doesn't do anything, then pull back and try again later. If she smiles slightly or turns toward you at all, congratulations.

• How do I ask her out on a date?

Of course, most guys want to be sure that she'll say yes before they ask, but there are no guarantees in life, especially dating. To make it easy, think of someplace you are already going, and ask if she wants to come along. If she says yes, then you're in.

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• How can I find out if a random stranger is interested?

A great way to find out if a random stranger may be interested is to simply ask them if they are finding anything interesting. This can work in the grocery store, the bookstore, wherever. If she's put off by you, then she won't likely respond very well. But if she says, "yes," and waits for you to continue the conversation, then you're good to go.A lot of guys share stories about how a particular girl they like calls them or texts them all the time, wants to have lunch or dinner with them. These women want to hang out with these guys. They ask the guy out to lunch. They strike up a conversation. They laugh at all the guy's jokes. They tease him. They even hug him.

• So, how do I hook up with this girl?

I'm going to share something with you that might be basic for some guys and mind-blowing for others: she wants you. This is almost always as far as a girl is going to go to show her interest. If you wait around for her to do anything more than that, you are going to miss the boat. Or you are going to get stuck in friend purgatory forever. If the girl asks you out to lunch, laughs at your jokes, teases you, and even hugs you, you need to move in for a kiss. Period. No ifs or buts about it.

Important notes for students

If a woman has given out all those signals and you haven't made a move, then you are in danger of blowing it. So, the answer to the question "How do I take it a step further?" is to kiss her. Or if that seems a bit bold for her personality, say she's a bit shy, then grab her hand, and hold it. Friends don't do this. You cannot tarry any longer. You have to make some type of move to show you like her for more than a friend because she is not going to send you any stronger signals.

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Women don't usually do much to show they like a guy. If she is calling you and asking to see you, that's a huge hint for you and you shouldn't need any more encouragement than that. I'm not saying she might be a little game player and using you for your attention. That's, even more, the reason to go in for the kiss or holding hands. That way you can tell if she likes you or is playing games and wasting your time.

Women don't just hang out with guys because they want to have a friend. They either like you or they are playing a game. Cut to the chase and figure out which one it is. If you like the girl, you are then either taking it a step farther like you should or you are determining whether you should be spending your time pursuing more feasible options in the dating world.

Tips for students: Don't lose time

The biggest danger in letting this behaviour go on (lunches, phone calls, texts) without clarifying whether it is based on attraction or not, is that you might end up as her new Best Friend Forever (BFF) when you want to be her new boyfriend. Or you might lose her to someone else who picks up on her signs of interest better than you did.


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